Supportive time in the Wilds, primarily for adults and young adults. 

“An education in belonging...” Sustainability Consultant

LandTime is a modern version of an ancient practice: an opportunity to take inspirational deep time out living close to the Land to learn and practice skills, to gain insight and to move through change and transitions with support of experienced others.

Landtime offers a chance to share, explore, learn and live practical skills, not just towards healthy relationship to the Land, but also to ourselves and each other. Skills practiced and introduced will vary according to season and the necessities of living on the land at that time, but examples could include shelter, coppice, hay, green wood, working with fire and other elements, council and solo time.

On our journey we will be supported and nourished from the time-honored wells of myth, story and rites of passage, and with preparation, particularly the longer LandTimes, which include significant supported solo times, can be worked with both to seek vision and to actually mark changes.

Change is in the air in many ways: not just personal but also economic, ecological and cultural.  LandTime offers an opportunity to learn and practice skills and engage with changes in a way that is empowering and supportive, drawing on fresh and time-honoured understandings to do so.

What Previous Participants Say:

“What an inspiring few days!  We both learnt so much about new ways to approach the land and are so grateful.”

“Thanks again for such a great few days.  It was really really good and gave me just what I needed.”

“It’s amazing to me the depth of healing I get from this work.  I’ve got so many challenges in my life at this time, but I feel ready to return to them now and feel so incredibly refreshed.”

“I am so grateful for the quest time (LandTime includes supported solo time) - it was extremely powerful and continues to unfold for me. Thankyou so much for facilitating the process.” Cambridge Graduate and recent participant.

“Thankyou for providing and facilitating such a wonderful experience!  I have returned feeling more alive, more peaceful and much more enthused!  It was certainly the kind of healing retreat that I desperately needed.”


The guide exchange for these events varies according to length of time and staff ratio. Landtime varies from introductory weekends and deepening four to ten day sojourns, and once we have established relationship can extend even up to three months. The form is available and works whether for an individual or small group.